Premature Evaluation: 13/14 Flow Snowboards & NXTZ


That’s right, as a Sunday special, we are going to hit you guys with two previews. Check out our future faves from Flow and NXTZ

The Fuse-GT

“You will simply forget you even have bindings on your feet,” Claims Flow. Someone look up the definition of puffery, quick!

Forgiveness(1) Response(10) indicator = 7
Sizes- Med, Lg, XL

Freeballer FR

Highbacks? So last year.  You gotta give Flow some props for thinking outside the box though, right?

Forgiveness(1) Response(10) indicator = 6
Sizes- Lg, XL
Colorway- Black

Flow Darwin Snowboard
HELL YA. Comes in 153 and 157

Black Out Snowboard
The ALL NEW Black Out is Flow’s answer to the die-hard camber rider. The name? Some one in creative didn’t think of anything the night before cause they got black out.

One Hitter Boot

One hitter? Well don’t we just have a company full of partiers.


Can I get this at hot topic?

Quite the ‘clava.

Youth Option: Potentially the coolest thing in the line.

  • wumbo

    Genius move Flow! Since the population riding no highbacks is around 7%..



  • Flow Makes Dope Product

    …but could work on their graphics and marketing.

  • boom


  • yoyougotfruit

    Darwin board looks tight

    but really fuck those bindings

  • Jake

    how are they still in business? As far as I can tell Lago is the only real positive about the Flow brand

  • weinerhouse

    Flaw bindings suck

  • to ride without highbacks requires rigidity of the heel loop. these are a strap with a ratchet and shit. pretty sure this hasn’t been tested in any way or they’d figure out a better plan… buut I feel that was about just about all of their product.

  • Zoid


    Fuck off. Flow makes good shit and has a sick team.

  • @1millionmoons

    The no high back bindings do have a solid heel cup with a ratchet, not a strap. And the team tested them out at hood over the summer. Quit talking out of your ass

  • airplane mode

    i feel that the ratchet on the heelcup of the no highback ones would get fucked up when you fall.

  • Winona Boosh

    flow? lololololololollol he ehe

  • Larry Hoover

    flow is getting better every year in my oppinion. im down

  • what

    haha i love how yobeat changed to caption on the highback-less binding from something negative about flow to something positive. (it used to say something like “as if your bindings werent recognizable enough” or something) did someone actually get in trouble or was this executive decision only a precautionary measure?

  • @jake brandon reis, tim humphries, scot brown, nial romanek. i think flows got one of the better teams

  • DoodooBrown

    @jerm, Shaun White actually pays all of their salaries, and Lago’s too.. just to keep them on handicapped product. Seriously, if Lago is that good riding in slippers, imagine what he could do with real bindings!

  • The FET

    I tried those no back bindings at a demo and I was pretty impressed. Different style of riding. Real surfy feel. Would be fucking awesome in the powder! especially with that darwin…

  • Batwing

    Collab with Cobra Lord, stubby boots, the Darwin, no highback bindings??! I’d say that’s a smart move on their part. Paving the way for a trend that is quickly on the rise. The 90’s are coming back in a big way. Flow is on point with this stuff!

    Oh, but none of you are old enough to remember back to when snowboarding was cool.

  • bimly12

    All you haters need to go try the no-backs, you’ll be wondering why you ever had a highback in the first place. My local shop put on a demo last night and everyone who tried these bindings was asking how soon they could get them. There’s zero heel lift and you have more control and response. I’ve been asking myself why we ever needed a highback in the first place since trying these.

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