Premature Evaluation: 13/14 Coal Headwear


OH LOOK! Coal made some more hats.


The Uniform
Coal put their hat on this ice sculpture to see how long it would take for it to melt. They refused to tell how long it took. Seems suspicious.

Your Grandma’s wallpaper…on your head!

The Militia
Recommended for woman who frequently travel in and out of Muslim countries.

For the beach bra in all of us.

The Hank
Rainier on the patch to match the Rainier in your hand.

  • kvlt

    seriously, try proofreading before posting. it’s like an extra minute of work.

  • doop

    That one hat looks sick

  • airplane mode

    that militia hat looks quite versatile.

  • Coal

    20th comment gets a free hat of their choice!

  • paradise dibbs

  • harshbuttrue

    omg did anyone else see the snowboard street vid over at transworld like louif is like soo punk rock and so anti-contest its melting my pirced little panties like when he said “im not trying to win im just trying to land tricks” omg that made me cream in my NOFX underwear i like totally love french canadians they are like soo badass and “anti” OMFG like totally!!!

  • what


  • cadell


  • harry bush

    coal is killing it

  • wish i was on capitra, then id be on union, and coal….

  • budmandudeguy666

    so if i leave ten comments i get a coal hat?

  • budmandudeguy666


  • budmandudeguy666

    crap! you’ve outsmarted me yobeat