Christy Prior Pre-Break Off Edit


Bad news guys, your new favorite chick snowboarder Christy Prior already got hurt this season. Good news, she’ll be riding again soon! Here’s what she managed to put down at Breck and Keystone pre-injury.

  • The Kitchen

    Come back to me Christy!

  • Jason P

    let the ignorant, juvenile, sexist comments pour in…

  • nasty

    that was nasty!

  • kvlt

    filmed with a potato
    edited on a toaster

  • squares

    you got it jason p. had the tricks, boring ass style, ender was a back 180 with a grab, song has been beaten to death, and was meh. but not because she’s a girl.

  • skilmer

    squares, you mad she sw frontboards better than you?

  • Log

    She had great style! Smooth and effortless. I thought the editing as fine.

  • rkelly

    whats good christy

  • turkey club samwich


  • best gurl I’ve seen but cole st martin could kick her ass

  • Dame

    Better rail game than Shaun White.

  • mucked

    damn g. wat up?

  • That shit was so proper.

  • MoleHole

    That was pretty good……………for a girl

  • yobeater

    she has baggier pants and a wider stance than me, I wouldntt let her suck my dick.

  • yobeater

    and she used mega reused song. totally soft right now.

  • yobeater

    put up more edits of jed for me to jerk it to

  • @dame

    best comment `13

  • Ski Baby