UKC’s Day at the Rail Gardens


Drake’s Rail makes some new friends in the form of the Ugly Kidz Co. Does anyone remember the band Ugly Kid Joe?


  • wumbo

    Nothing negative to say here, guess I’ll be on my way

  • cheesecurds

    Drakes rail, shit yeah!

  • JP Walker

    10ft rails are cool.

  • shitballs

    wait… they put a high cascade rail up at the gardens? next season will see the addition of the monster rail gardens super pipe brought to you by mountain dew

  • nice

    ^ the rail was put in place as a memorial for a fallen snowboard brother dickhead, pay respect.

  • dirt star

    jp walkers voice is gay..

  • Yobeat

    Didnt see a proper landing

  • doihfse

    can someone explain why the high cascade rail is there?

  • dlowk

    read mothafucka

  • wade thomas

    mm that inversion

  • that was probably the collect edit I’ve seen this season, fuck yeah slc

  • fired

    if the rail is a memorial for a fallen shredder, then why the fuck does it look like a high cascade billboard? paint a mural on it for homie or something. pay respect is fucking right

  • two22’s

    The rail is called “Drakes Rail” and he worked at High Cascade and had a pretty wide range of friends from Mt Hood in the summer. Although a mural would be great, a token from the place where he loved is just as good. Do a little research before you comment, fucker.

  • fired

    yeah i’m gonna go ahead and stick by my comment. installing a rail at the rail gardens as a memorial for your friend is one of the coolest things i’ve ever heard of. forever associating your friend with a businesses logo isn’t that cool at all. it is fucking awesome that it got installed, good job to the whole salt lake shred community. all i’m saying is now that it’s installed at some point it should get painted. not to mention that as soon some captain give-a-fuck (theres a LOT in utah) comes along walking their stupid dog in the summer it could easily get torn down with the logos on it. you can’t just go installing your companies billboard in the middle of a public park. paint drakes rail.