Todd Kirby 2011/12


Todd Kirby once offered to carry my backpack into the backcountry. At first, I was going to let him, but then I was like — no, don’t be lazy — and just had him carry the heavier stuff (read: beer.) Long story short, the beer was the one thing I needed on the hike in. It’s important to stay hydrated kids! Anyway, here’s Todd’s footage from last year. In addition to being Minnesota nice, he also happens to be good at snowboarding.

  • jeffy

    hell yea!

  • noice.

  • Puff The Magic Dragon

    This edit has been out for a while.

  • JP Walker

    This is a sick part, but, in my opinion, park footage shouldn’t be in a season edit unless its all park.

  • internet kid

    jumps or rails pussy pick one. I quit riding mountains all together. I’m not afraid of jumps. I can do them. I just like rails more

  • internet kid

    Jumps arent hard I can do them

  • internet kid

    I’m not scared

  • C. Owens

    Is anyone who comments on these videos not an ironic, fabricated persona?

  • C. Owens

    Oh, got so upset I forgot to say, this edit was sweet! Nice work, Mr. Kirby.


    I offer to carry peoples’ snowboard daily, they usually take me up on it. Makes me stronger while they realize how big of a pussy they are. I love pussy. Todd you rip dude keep at it!

  • Todd’s the man, doing Montana right!

  • heroin harry

    i like to get my boards carried

  • Larry Hoover

    so sick!!

  • zach

    Yeah Todd

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