The Local Rail Round Up

Here’s a few videos from places that are really, really cold right now. Good thing snowboarding is a winter sport, eh?

The Burg

Hooray, it’s a decent edit from Cannonsburg, MI. Finally.

Riders: Adam Rottschafer, Jake Devries, Joey Niepokoj, Peter Gibson, Tommy Young

Film/Edit: Addison Beeker


Why is a VT edit in between two from the Midwest? Because we put it there, that’s why.

Riders: John Murphy | Ben Kessler | Keegan Hosefros | Chris Erickson | Ralph Kucharek | Colby Sears | Sam Watson | Andrew Baker | Connor Manning |Yale Cousino

Film/Edit: Ryan Sheetz

Hyland Hills

And the new crew of Hyland hoodlums are making it happen.

With Danny Kiolbasa, Alex Colorito, Dan Spooner, and Chris Eck.

36 replies
  1. drake is the best rapper alive
    drake is the best rapper alive says:

    sugarbush is by far one of the worst places i have actually TRAVELLED to go snowboard at

  2. waybackwhen
    waybackwhen says:

    i remember back in 06 when i met that ralph guy at HCSC, lived in the same chalet along with zak hale…funny shit

  3. YMR
    YMR says:

    sugarbush is a mecca; i believe there is nowhere else in the nation where park crew cares so personally about making sure that its riders have fun

  4. God
    God says:

    To be a part of jnep nation you have to cut off your own dick, paint a picture with the dick, and then send it as a gift to drip squad.

  5. trendy trix
    trendy trix says:

    i can only assume its locals hating on “drake is the best rapper of all time”. seriously, sugarbush is a piece of shit. id RATHER fucking ski at an ontario resort. (srs)

  6. John
    John says:

    i have a few things to say: to join drip squad requires multiple thumb gunning of beers and a good soft raping. that is all.

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