Lick the Cat 2


Boarding with the cool kids.

Featuring: Sage Kotsenburg, Griffin Siebert, Sam Taxwood, Alex Sherman, Evan Drage, Zak Hale, Blaze Kotsenburg, Josh Crisp, Knut, and BIG JERM.

  • tristan

    yea LTC!

  • lurkin

    these boys are getting softer with every edit they put out. I didn’t see a single beer in the edit

  • dus

    shadow of the cameraman is pretty annoying


    What brand is that camo hood/hat thing at the beginning?

  • euro adviser

    i didn’t expect kotsenburg at this level of steez

  • dirt star

    holy toledo

  • they guys are some of my favorites.

  • kotsenburg’s… so hot right now!

  • GetWyld

    kinda looking forward to the day when hitting the first DF in DFDs is cool again

  • hmm

    Nitro couldn’t pay Will enough, but they can afford all of SLC’s ams?

  • JP Walker

    Whats wrong with me? I’m going crazy now.


    lick the cat in rasta- what do you guys smoke weed or something?
    also-they fell off that rail about 20 times from 1:00-1:10. SAD. and who ever this big jerm fellow is, it definitely isn’t jermiah paqueef, i’m pretty sure he lives in vail working as a children’s snowboard school instructor

  • hmmmm

    is anyone else tired of every jump shot being filmed from under the jumper? It’d be nice to know what’s actually going on with the snowboarding…

  • so chill

    @KC KYLE dude they smoke meth they are so chill