Elementary (Second Hour)


Well these dudes are good.

Featuring: Jesse Paul, Cullen Bernklau, Al Binder, Mike Liddle, Sam Bakken, Jordan Daniels, Justin Fronius and Billy Bottoms

  • JP Walker

    Stark can do no wrong. Now we just need to wait for WFTC2!

  • snakeboarder

    this is better than brazzers true life HD

  • wumbo

    Jesse Paul, stop raising standards it’s no fun for the rest of us.

  • Some Micah Hollinger shit up in here

  • Meow Mix

    Yawgoons better watch out, there is a new sheriff in town

  • sauceboss

    fuckin gnar

  • Yamos

    Jesse Paul sure must know his workplace safety.

  • rock solid stiffy

    tom asta snowboards?

  • sean

    ahhh yaaaaa

  • That Guy

    Jon Stark you are a master of the editorial



  • billy bottoms gives me beans.

  • Walter

    i loved that

  • goosejuice

    BILLY BOTTOMS 4PREZ // and Jordan Daniels is not goofy…

  • se


  • wells its official I am quitting my snowboard is on craigslist, ski blading here I come.

  • REBA


  • dirt star

    holy toledo

  • Kack

    jp walker must be like a chill guy guys

  • Midwest represent

    The midwest (especially Minnesota) is officially the promised land of snowboarding

  • dolan

    thes wuz fukced

  • beans

    illest back three goes to billy b

  • hUh

    i just came, and not just a little

  • Simply Orange

  • Billy deserves a bean after those moves

  • Tony Danza

    ender was fucking sick. solid line up of dudes

  • tryiton

    seriously what the fuck

  • pk

    Bacon stacked on Bacon upon bacon topped of with hot ham and applesauce

  • martha stewart

    tiny lips = tiny dicks

  • alison

    What the second song please????

  • Krakonononos

    how about to credit the music?

  • kudi

    great vid, too bad the music is stolen

  • narf