MiniDV: 02



Riders; Aidan Flanagan, Andy Pearson, Ryan Paul, Alex Colorito, Danny Kiolbasa and Nate Blomquist

Edit: Alex Colorito

  • JP Walker

    Minnesota knows how to get down!

  • Jon

    Guidon, come to utah and lets make MINIDV:1000

  • Shred

    Elm creek is fun

  • T raw

    Fo life….. Bitches..

  • Quinnladen

    That was cool.

  • G

    That dude forgot to put his snowpants down, his boots were showing

  • weinerhouse

    im lost that wasnt 1817 or make…. yet it looks and feels the same

  • lurkin

    why are minnesota parks so sick



  • jlv

    ddamnnnn that chick is good

  • Jason


  • dirt star

    jp walkers voice is gay..

  • jake durham

    whats the song?