It Was A Good Day At Boreal: Episode 1


Here’s an above average edit from a bunch of young people from Tahoe! Woo, hold up, let me take their dick out of my mouth and rip into ’em a bit. This goes out to all youngsters sending in edits. Slip out early? Edit that shit out. Bad angle? Edit that shit out. Two songs? Who do you think you are? Keep it quick, dirty and fast as hell boys. Just like your very first time.

  • Midwest Murder

    I aint trying to hate, That was dope.

  • wumbo

    mmmm them some salty pretzels


    lipton sucks

  • fiend

    i like it and i don’t like it at the same dame time. <see what i did there.

  • Cam and Matty ender combo was FIRE! Nice work dudes

  • Nick most of the kids in this edit still haz there v card they haven’t had there first time yet

  • They had better riders in there first edit ( Tillman and niko)

  • snatch

    the double team was cute

  • GOD

    1:33 tapppppperonie

  • Obviously

    turbo tube enders are soft.

  • @obviously


  • Niko

    Hell yeah dudes keep it up!

  • dolan

    moar staelfish pls

  • daffdfsdsadf

    come out early? film it again. you’re at a park. paul heran inspired ?

  • DatOneChick

    Dat opening part was damn sexy. More edits please!

  • Cobra_Dawg

    dat gnar

  • Cameron had such a sick bs 5! That’s style.

  • Montana meth

    Alex has some sick ass style