The People’s Court: Matt Wainhouse vs. Sean Thomson



Powder riding or powder park? Who’s doing it right?

Matt Wainhouse:


Sean Thomson:

The People’s Court is a weekly competition and is open to any amateur snowboarder. You may be sponsored to play, just not paid, son. The winner of each weekly battle will receive a pair of goggles from Arnette Eyewear and be in contention for the year-end battle with a grand prize of a one-year Arnette sponsorship. To submit your edit, email the link to [email protected]

  • Biitjo

    I prefer rails, but awesome seeing a pow edit. It had solid shit, but was way too loosely edited. Should’ve left half out and it would’ve been very sick! Still got my vote, as there was gnarly stuff in there. Rail dude had good flow too.

  • minnesotanice

    second dude really knows how to zeach, it was cool when he turned into a black dude though, although when he turned into the black chick that scared me a little.

  • vermont

    We have a foot of fresh mud for shredding in

  • That Guy

    zeach 3 out was the dope banger for sean’s part

  • 420 YoLo SwAg

    I don’t understand the random Flocka clips.

  • Dave Mcgrath

    homie and I ran train on Seans mom, she dug it

  • ass munch

    splicing in shots of waka flocka, juicy j, rick ross etc into your snowboard videos should get you fucking shot

  • Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad

    the first video left me stunned. really, really good.
    then I scrolled down and saw the word Flocka in the second title. I ain’t even watching that shit.

  • I Declare…

    both edits unwatchable.

  • jeenyus

    Waka Floka is the new Lil’ Wayne for snowboarding edits.

  • airplane mode

    first dude killed it. second dude had terrible style.

  • JP Walker

    Sean had the best zeach 360 ender I have ever seen!

  • Crawdaddy

    the first one is heaven

  • Fuck yeah Matt killed it. Stevens is so sick.

  • no contest here.

  • Tom

    Really enjoyed both of these. Matt’s footage is always amazing and I thought that Sean had a cool style, even though he had a zeached 5-0 in his ender. These guys are for sure talented.

    Can anyone give me some insight into who makes the knowbuddy boards that have been popping up in videos so much lately? Maybe a link if possible. Thanks yobeaters

  • richy rich

    you have to be rich to ride at whistler

  • harshzeach

    Finally half decent pow video!

  • Danny

    Wains world!!! Savage!

  • Chongo

    People that vote for other than Matt Wainhouse are the type of people that torture cats.

  • Both killed it

  • Jake

    Waaaaaain! No question

  • Andrew

    Wainhouse all the way.

  • D$

    Wain earns every hit. Thomson does hot laps thru the park. No question who the winner is.

  • Trendy Midwest kid

    How the hell could you hate on the second guy, he could smoke all the people leaving bad comments bout em

  • Biitjo

    I wonder what the results were if Sean didn’t have those zeach 3 enders

  • Shrednw

    Yep. Wain crushed it. Sorry Holmes good edit anyway. Wainhouse for prez! Pow over park any day.

  • flocka 420

    Its the Burton knowbuddy board. You have to be sponsored by Burton to get your hands on it. I don’t know what people are saying I thought seans edit was pretty funny, and good.

  • Waka

    Wainhouse aint Nigga rich

  • shedstones

    These were both actually so sick. Props all around. Had to vote on songchoice for this one…

  • Jake

    First one because there’s nothing gangster about snowboarding and I’d rather see a guy ride pow on a pow day.

  • weinerhouse

    I vote for neither due to the first dude’s abundance of self-y gopro footage and the song that was in think thank’s trailer and video, and the second edit’s cliche shitty rap edit spliced with the music video, while riding in whistler??

  • Puff The Magic Dragon

    Sean cause he lifts

  • @ Richy Rich

    haha you don have to be rich all you gotta do is save your money or get your hustle on, if your rich and dont have to do either then your lucky and be thankfull, stop bitching cause its up to you to save the cash to ride whisgnar

  • Dopeninja

    First dude got pitted in all that pow

  • sean (not thomson)

    the sean thomson dude killed it, hes better than 80-90% of the people who submit peoples court. I love good editing but I judge riders on their riding and that kid rips. Give him some cred.

  • tyler

    the first guy got my vote because it was a lot more enjoyable to watch without waka flocka making multiple appearances but they are both equally as good in their own style of riding

  • Jake

    that pow edit was dope. the second kid definitely threw down, but it was no comparison to the shots the first guy got, i don’t understand why these two are against each other in peoples court? They’re completely different riders and i don’t think any rail rider can compare to a sick pow edit…

  • huh

    Stupid match, the first edit was filmed throughout a season and the second edit was filmed in a day. You can’t compare these two.

  • Mike Hunt

    Half you kids are actually mentally handicapped. Seans edit was filmed for fun, its not like he filmed it specifically for peoples court, he was just chosen randomly by yobeat. Comparing park to pow is like comparing apples to oranges or dicks to vag’s. And you dont need to be “rich” to ride Whis, you just need enough incentive to get off your asses and save a couple bucks instead of hating on blog posts when you wish you could ride a snowboard. Go buy a pair of skis and move to Alta.