Shaun White’s Triple Cork


We’ve been losing sleep at night, wondering if Shaun White will be able to learn a triple cork in time for Sochi. If he wants to be the “Best Boarder in the Worldâ„¢ ” he better get that shit down. Well, never fear, Onboard (and soon the rest of the American media) have been fed debatable proof that El Blanco has in fact, stomped himself his very own triple flipper. Don’t know about you, but we’re pretty excited to get a good night’s sleep knowing that our old pal Shaun will in fact have the chance to double medal at the next Olympics.

  • Shaun White

    I never lose!

  • shaun white did me so good

  • Kara Ca Pow


  • Torstein

    About time faggot.

  • The Real Torstein Horgmo

    Now grow some balls and do it in pow… pussy

  • Luke

    Now watch him calm he landed it first on national news, like everything in superpipe!

  • franklin

    gassy knoll footage

  • franklin

    grassy knoll footage

  • Dunno

    This will translate into exactly 3.72 more medalz!

  • upstatemike.

    i’ve never seen grown men hug after someone landed a trick before. “We’re gonna be even more rich!!!! *HUG*”

  • #Doublemedalbitches hahaha

  • .

    every facet of his life is recorded up close and in HD but we see his first triple cork from the point of view of a squirrel in the woods

  • Curtin

    Must be the gum.

  • Target

    Expect the double gold edition clothing line at your local target!

  • ShaunGay

    He can only do one grab for his double and triple corks…..

    But this does mean that he will win gold…. because the judges give you a +30 if youre name is shaun white…

    Has anyone compared his pipe runs the last three years?? Same exact run and gold medal every year. Except for in 2012 his last hit was a weaker trick and he still got gold…..

  • Luke

    still keepin’ the bootgrab alive

  • JP Walker

    I hope that makes it into his street footage this year…

  • Dos

    grab that boot!! looked like the fugliest triple cork yet!

  • boss

    what a sick claim at the end

  • stingygoose

    claims way too hard on everything

  • kade

    nice claim faggot.

  • ShaunWhiteFanclub

    Way to make a triple cork look gay. If I ever see you in real life, I’m gonna punch you in the face.

  • minnesotanice

    cool whirly bird, mens gymnastics is in the summer though bro.

  • everyactualsnowboarder

    hates you

  • me

    That wasn’t Shaun, that was me

  • SupaDupa

    I’m glad to see in every sport lives a strong line of biatch ass haters. High fives and ass slaps all around! You guys truly make the world go round. Hey you guys see that kid that throws a 110 mph fast?! What a jack off right? F that kid. Wish I could see him some time. I’d love to just kick him in the sack!

  • sean

    Whats a 110 mph fast?Is that a sports reference? Does that mean fastball?

  • J

    Medal is a noun not a verb. One cannot “double medal”. Shaun White may win two medals, win being the verb and medal the noun. However, he may double meddle in the Olympics, interfering with the judges’ ability to objectively judge both the halfpipe and slopestyle competitions.

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