Laps with Red at Woodward at Copper


Take a couple laps with Red Gerard in the Woodward Central Park. And yes, when you’re 12, it’s totally ok to complain about the cold.

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  1. Dunno
    Dunno says:

    I love Copper Mounatain.

    I guess it’s OK to misspell the mountain name when you’re 12. And when you rip. Good job Red.

    SMONEYG says:

    im not hating on red because i’ve seen his other footage. the kid can rip. but when i was 12 i could front 3 a jump and butter down the whole mountain too. With all the money that burton and woodward have and how talented this kid is, you think you could take the time and effort to make an edit that doesnt utilize early offs and zeaches followed by a butter trick that every yobeat commenmter could do. this kid is the real deal and they should invest in him accordingly

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