Nick Poohachoff FULL PART

How an you possibly be mad at this? Dude’s a sick boarder and you can call him Pooh like everyone’s favorite childhood bear.

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  1. me
    me says:

    Great well rounded rider wish we can see more stuff like this on yo beat! most videos on here are just plane crap filled with hesh ass wannabe jib kids with lame style.

  2. another midwest kid
    another midwest kid says:

    he kills it but the rail shots were lame just for the fact that any average kid can do those tricks. he is clearly good enough to do better tricks so why settle for some warm up rail shots that he probably did first try

  3. internet kid
    internet kid says:

    maybe if he had some union bindings to express his individualism, then we could relate. And too much jumping you fag!! everyone knows it’s easier than rails, thats why I don’t do jumps. I could do them if I wanted to. I’m not scared of them. I swear to god I’m not scared of jumps. I can front board.

  4. internet kid
    internet kid says:

    I don’t have a camera so that why I don’t film or else I’d be on here. I just dont really like doing jumps you know? Not scared.

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