ThirtyTwo Boot Camp 2013


The annual ThirtyTwo Boot Camp was hosted at Mt. Hood, Oregon this year. A TRULY exclusive event, Boot Camp offers retailers and media the opportunity to check out next years line of ThirtyTwo boots and outerwear. And of course do some serious partying and even more serious boarding.  Last Thursday a crew of 45 people from key retailers all over Utah, Colorado, Southern California, and Canada piled into the Boardwalk Lodge at High Cascade and preceded to live like 15 year old campers for three days (minus the kitchen full of vodka, whiskey, rum, and about 80 cases of beer.)


Eddie Grams was there. These were his bottles.

Oregon recently got some snow and I’ve never been to Hood in the winter so needless to say, I was pretty hyped to throw on a fresh pair of Chris Bradshaw’s boots and “blaze the pow.” The boots were awesome right out of the box, the wind blown snow at Meadows was deep, the blue ice was sketchy, and the trees at Timberline were majestic. I even had the pleasure of taking laps with Crab Grab creator, Preston Strout, and the still insanely talented Shane Flood, which kicked some serious ass.

Crab Grab and ThirtyTwo teamed up on a few products for the 2013-2014 season ranging from crab mittens to legit snowboards with the highlight being a Crab Grab boot in ThirtyTwo’s most popular selling model, The Lashed. Check it in the gallery. You’re gonna want a pair. For those of you that don’t know, Crab Grab is a new accessories brand, thin rectangular pieces of styrofoam to strategically place on your board for better grip when grabbing and TWEAKING. I think I heard someone call it, “the best innovation in snowboarding since bindings.” A bold statement and 100% accurate. “ThirtyTwo is an awesome company to do this collaboration with, they have a great blueprint for rider driven snowboarding and offer a rare authenticity to the sport, so I’m super stoked to team up with them”, says Preston.

Anyways, ThirtyTwo really hooked it up. Met a bunch of really cool human beings, tested fun new product, got the scoop on the latest and greatest boot technology, and partied down. We ended our last night like any responsible adults would, with dinner in Portland filled with tons of beer and sake and a quiet casual evening out til 330 am at Casa Diablo, the best strip club in Portland (in my opinion.) Thank you ThirtyTwo, thank you.  Check the gallery above.

  • The Foxy Lady, Providence RI

    Did you meet ‘The Hero’? yes or no

  • One time a stripper at Casa Diablo knocked over my beer, then said “Namaste”. True story.

  • jeff the red haired intern

    i ate a lolli out of a stripper at the casa once. it was cherry.

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  • Drank a beer being poured out of a girls g-string

    Sassys is good but they have a girl with hairy armpits. Casa Diablo is mind blowing. The girls are good enough looking but the moves they have are out of Las Vegas. PornlandxPortlandia= keeping Portland WEIRD. But seriously, I’d rather ride skibowl than shell out $90 to ride the second flattest ski resort on Mt. Hood. Hope you waxed because that traverse to Shooting Star is a long skate.
    Mt Hood Meadows used to have the best park, now they have the best terrain on Hood that never opens…ahem Heather Canyon. Never mind, Hood is great please keep going back there and never come to the other two states in the Northwest. It doesn’t snow at either of them.