Timberline’s Friday Night Features

As the sun was setting on the Friday Night Features set up, everyone said in unison, wow, we should be doing the contest right now.

The description for Friday Night Features on the Timberline website simply reads “Friday night rail jam. Exciting details to come,” but Ricky Hower is busy doing more important things than claiming those details. Such as organizing the events — no pressure, lift-accessed, non-judged rail jams, put together for the simple purpose of getting people together and having fun. You might not get picked up by an energy drink company, but if you break your board doing something badass, you’ll likely win a new one.

Friday January 11th kicked off the 2013 series. Bruno’s was set up with a variety of jib-stacles, almost all of which could be referred to by some sexual innuendo, and for a couple hours, dudes (and two girls) threw themselves at the set up and did whatever they damn well pleased. No winners were chosen, I don’t know what tricks anyone did, and it was so cold my beer was turning into a slushy before I could finish it. In other words, the first event was a blast and if you’re anywhere near Mt. Hood this winter, you should probably not miss the next ones.

Cam Weeg took a break from wind turbine school for the occasion. Photo: Jared Souney

As is to be expected, the riders were clamoring all over themselves to touch the nipple. Photo: Jared Souney

This guy is more of an ass man. Photo: Mark Raihna

Tubular. Photo: Jared Souney

More info: http://www.timberlinelodge.com/events/

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