Yawgoons 7


With Dylan Gamache and Marcus Rand.
Also featuring Brian Skorupski, Travis Neuenhaus, Brendon Rego, and Tanner McCarty.
Music: (Ghost) Riders In The Sky by Johnny Cash

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  1. baby sniffer
    baby sniffer says:

    @holyfuck where do you get your facts from its rare to see some rocker/alt chamber nut actually kill it

  2. Upstatemike.
    Upstatemike. says:

    These kids are barely sponsored. That’s what’s really wrong with the snowboard industry. People wasting their time on panty-wastin’ jump nerds and these kids are setting new standards.

  3. randy mathews
    randy mathews says:

    if dylan got this good just riding a tow rope, whats gonna happen if he moves out west, or even vermont, its not even gonna be fair anymore

  4. tested positive for a
    tested positive for a says:

    allen santucci pays his friends to call him sandusky and that just shows how much he really loves being known as a guy who touched baby boys dicks in showers…

  5. poooppoooppooopopopop
    poooppoooppooopopopop says:

    i fucking hate watching this. a bunch of gay tricks on skate rails.. im kidding it was dope

  6. legalize penis farts
    legalize penis farts says:

    rumor has it that it took 13 hours of surgery from the top surgeons in the world to remove the orange hoody off of brian skorupskis upper body torso…fortunately for our eye balls it was a success

  7. 401
    401 says:

    The lifts arent running because there isnt enough snow to open the mountain. Dylan goes hard, he’ll be picked up full when he feels like it

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