Snowboard Realms’ Best Snowboard Edit Ever


How to get me to post your GoPro edit:

1. Put cats in it.

2. Make it funny.

4. Call it the Best Edit Ever.

3. Be TJ Schneider.

Simple, really.



  • hi

    I missed TJ and the Realms. Some of the best and most fun edits to watch for sure.

  • minnesotanice

    so good!

  • BeatingoffYobeat

    That bass drop…

  • Robbo

    TJ is back! 2013 would be great year

  • midwest murder


  • LightMenoras


  • T raw

    That’s funny. Cause I’m pretty sure TJ Schneider murders kittens

  • That Guy

    Sickest double cork I’ve ever seen!

  • Dame

    probably the sickest jumpers out right now

  • Big E

    all time greasiest edit ever

  • Ap583

    This was actually gay.

  • COBRA.


  • COBRA’s father

    COBRA is offensive!

  • crack baby

    these guys are clearly all taking roids, or at least abusing marijuana i think yobeat should drug test before they post videos from now on.

  • JP Walker

    TJ is a boss

  • SUPER gay and TOTALLY Queer (used as adjectives meaning Light hearted, carefree and odd)
    Hope everyone’s having a good time out there.
    Thanks Brooke for posting the flick.

  • totally serious

    question. does anyone remember the episode where tj blasts an enormous gap over some trees and fucks his knee and/or ankle up?
    that gap was awesome

  • just as serious

    Answer, bruh. Go search for it on the Googles. You should be able to find it under “dat gap,” if I recall correctly