The People’s Court: Sebastien Collin vs. Rob Halowell



Two hungry ams head to the streets. Which one has enough grit to make it?

Sebastien Collin


Rob Halowell

The People’s Court is a weekly competition and is open to any amateur snowboarder. You may be sponsored to play, just not paid, son. The winner of each weekly battle will receive a pair of goggles from Arnette Eyewear and be in contention for the year-end battle with a grand prize of a one-year Arnette sponsorship. To submit your edit, email the link to [email protected]

  • rob

    cant see any vids…

  • catnip

    both videos were too short for my liking

  • connor

    does this Rob Halowell character follow anyone else on twitter?

  • Spot

    catnip is a bitch

  • smiles

    well the first guy really impressed me with his knowledge and radical skill for backflips, #wowfactor then rob really knew how to not successfully finish a rail. i vote more flipping bird.

  • marbs miike

    these kids are ams ?

  • Spencer

    Rob, but both songs sucked



  • hmmm.

    Neither could finish a rail decently. Clean it up.
    More flippin bird.

  • BeatingoffYobeat

    You spelled his name wrong in the film at 0:19 you put 2 L’s

  • midwest murder

    throwing shit at short buses..not chill. Rob for the win.

  • Sebass’ style was throwback to 2002, I remember when NOMIS was kewl.

  • JP Walker

    I didn’t vote for any 3 of the options….

  • Dopeninja

    rob won after that first lipslide

  • squares

    first guy was a one flip pony.

  • Shaffe

    Hell yea Bob!!

  • jerms sister

    I really think the first kid needed to put more backflips in his video, he deffinetly didnt show the skill how to do inverts..

  • wumbo

    AM? These kids are am? not okay, think of some ams in snowboarding..

  • @kittenpuncher

    “Sebass’ style was throwback to 2002, I remember when NOMIS was kewl.”

    Why the fuck should you care about the clothing somebody wears, this is snowboarding not Fashion Police fag.” OMG I CANT BELIEVE HE IS WEARING A NOMIS COAT That Brand is tottally lyke 5 seasons ago honey.” lemme guess your some Trendy Midwest kid that just got his drink water sweatshirt, a full face mask, and moved in his stance in and now laps the park criticizing everybody that doesn’t dress like you.

  • Toyouskiiers

    these edits were sick, stop trying to find the flaws of all videos ever made…

  • Puff The Magic Dragon

    in my opinion the first one needed more backflips and the 2nd one needed to slow down on completing all those rails

  • @kittenpuncher speaking the truth brotha

  • Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad

    second dude bored me. if you’re doing a 93 second edit, 40 seconds of it should not be lifestyle hammers of you walking in front of the camera and stuff

  • jeenyus

    Second video was better.

  • fuck

    yobeat makes me want to quit snowboarding. these kids are both talented and compiled more than a minute of street footy, versus the 45 seconds of park footy you fuckin commenters probably gathered from last season. theres no positive feedback on this site unless the snowboarding is pro quality or from videograss. This is yobeat, not TWS. Expect to see unknown faces, and give constructive criticism if necessary, instead of watching an edit and telling yourself you can do everything in the video. we copy pretty much everything from skateboarding, why not copy the idea that were all doing the same thing, so we should be friends? start supporting you’re fellow snowboarders, you sound like fucking skiers.

  • Trap god jr

    Rob Halowell wins by default because FUCK that ender in the first vid

  • YMR

    Was I actually supposed to vote for one of those edits?

  • Everyone

    USA needs to step it up about three notches

  • Rob is an OG Gunstock local. Fuck yeah Rob

  • Minnesota till I die


    First of all what the fuck kind of name is that. Second of all, I have no idea where you get that fucked up sort of idea of the midwest because its completely incorrect and I feel the need to say something. I’m from Minnesota and everyone that I ride with and even people I don’t are all a family that support and push each other no matter what the hell jacket or stance someone is rocking. So you can stay wherever the hell you are from and I’ll keep riding here where more people are coming out of and throwing down harder than anywhere else in the country right now. Peace

  • T raw


    I also ride in Minnesota and I can tell you that everyone has a unique style and nobody judges each other on what they are wearing. We don’t think we are better than anyone else we just love to snowboard and have a great time doing it. And why don’t you take a few park laps and see how great it actually is. I’ve rode in a lot of other places and can tell you that you won’t have any better experience than riding in the Midwest.

    Oh and Rob totally won this round

  • Pffft…

    1st video has a random bro in the middle of it…

  • @kids from minnesota

    should of played hockey instead

  • karnkarn

    East Coast.