Sun’s Out at Jackson Hole


Why any one would want to ride a park at a place like Jackson Hole is a mystery, but Cam Fitzpatrick seems to enjoy it. And this video certainly makes the newly-opened park look epic.

  • yingyang

    interesting music

  • jessie gouviea

    …not enough downrails fag

  • smiles

    i literally fucking hated everything about this video.

  • uncledad

    when it’s -25 for 5 days straight i don’t blame this dude for not riding hard pack moguls in the hammered sidecountry, plus its nice to see park crew making something out of the flattest slope in Jackson Hole

  • cracraftc

    Cam kills it in this edit for having to ride JH’s park. Its pretty small.

  • Puff The Magic Dragon

    This guys style gives me a boner

  • brobeater

    not good

  • JordanS

    Very early 2000ish looking park.

  • L

    If Jackson doesn’t have new snow, the mountain blows…good for u for gettin nice in the park. How is the snow in the pass this yr? Make an edit at Lil tucks!

  • Cam’s one of the only people doing backside rodeos that I enjoy watching