Frame Of Mind- Backcountry Inspiration With Gigi Ruf


In the second installment of Frame of Mind, take an exclusive journey with Gigi Rüf through the Alaskan backcountry as he talks about what motivates his riding and his signature Advanced Project X goggle designs.

A revealing four-part webisode series, Frame of Mind candidly captures the seldom seen moments that inspire the athletes antics and interests both on and off the mountain. Featuring Gigi Ruf, Luke Mitrani, Danny Davis and Chris Benchetler, Frame of Mind is a backstage look into the lives of Dragon’s top athletes.

  • Leaving Burton was once a bad idea

    I’m pretty sure one of you jib rats will try and hate but you’re just jealous of the life this guy lives. As far as I know Gigi and Kazu are the only riders ever to leave Burton voluntarily. That takes balls, especially in a recession. Because at the end of the day all riders are to the big B is $ and if you ain’t winning contests whether its real snow or the Olympics you’re going to get cut. Boycott Burton, they are not core anymore and support surfing. Surfing is for jocks. Shredding is for everyone…except republicans like Jibber Jeremy Jones who ran to Burton when Forum was the shit.

  • Everyone

    By “Shredding is for everyone” do you mean: Suburban upper and middle class? Grab a basketball hockey skates.