Sun Valley’s Got a SUPER PIPE


Sun Valley, ID — January 7, 2013 — The Sun Valley Resort is pleased to announce the introduction of a 22-foot Superpipe for the 2012/2013 season. The new, larger halfpipe is one of only a handful of Olympic and X-Games sized pipes in North America — and it is the only 22’ superpipe in the Northwest.

The new 22-foot pipe will be about 25 percent larger than the one it replaces on Sun Valley’s Dollar Mountain terrain park. The larger dimensions and unique elliptical shape allow athletes to build speed more readily. Ultimately, bigger, easier to ride walls mean athletes can carry more speed and catch more air.

“I am so excited for Sun Valley to get a 22-foot pipe – this means I will be able to ride at my home mountain! Over the past couple years I’ve been in Utah, but it’s so crowded; it will be really nice to be able to train in Sun Valley!” beams US Snowboard Team athlete Kaitlyn Farrington.


The new pipe has many industry insiders talking about the rapid transformation Sun Valley is making to become a world-class training facility for elite-level athletes. According to US Freestyle Skiing and Snowboarding Director, Jeremy Forster, “We are stoked to see Sun Valley supporting the progression of halfpipe with a 22-foot venue this season.”

The 22’ pipe is the latest addition to Sun Valley’s commitment to providing world-class terrain to all skiing and snowboarding athletes that includes parks for different abilities, daily grooming and more than 20 new rail features. Under the guidance of Chris Gunnarson and the Snow Park Technologies team for the past three seasons, Sun Valley has quickly become a player in the ever-evolving world of freestyle and park terrain. Movie crews have started making Sun Valley a regular stop, filming one off rails and gigantic super booters, and it has become the home of Transworld Snowboarding’s annual industry conference.

According to local pro rider Wyatt Caldwell, “It is great to see Sun Valley stepping up their game. The new pipe and park will really benefit the kids growing up here. There is a lot of new energy here.”

It should come as no surprise that the birthplace of Hot Dog skiing is rapidly becoming player in the terrain park movement.

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  1. Pandora advertisements must stop!
    Pandora advertisements must stop! says:

    Okay Sun Valley has a legit park with an insane super pipe. That is completely on another mountain away from the free riding. Except there is no free with this place. $99 lift tickets for the big mountain or $40 for the park. This place is like Aspen on a whole other level. Super rich and broke ass ski bums.
    Sin Valley.

  2. poopsticks
    poopsticks says:

    Sun Valley played a huge role in the history of skiing – which ultimately also effected the history of snowboarding. I don’t care about a pipe. Or a park. But it is cool to see Sun Valley trying to really get back in the game.

    Sun Valley is an OG in the snow world, so regardless, they get my respect.

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