Failure to Launch v. 3

You guys voted and now we feature Mobbin’s videos no matter what. Luckily, this one is also pretty good.

Riders in order: Blake Axelson, Grant Giller, Shaun White, Red Gerard, Wylie Adams, Kai Wiggins, and Brendan Hart


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  1. binch
    binch says:

    Dillon Ojo gets lumped into a mega post and these kriss kross jocks get posted up? C’mon now yobeat. These Colorado edits come a dime a dozen.

  2. Jizz
    Jizz says:

    I actually made an audible noise at the ender. crail or seat belt with any spin is just sexy.

  3. red did a 10!
    red did a 10! says:

    some quite nice jump maneuvers in there. and thats sick that someone got corky with a crail

  4. Yamos
    Yamos says:

    so having a skinny stance and wearing trendy clothes all of the sudden makes double corks cool?


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