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The boys from Anecdote took a trip to NY to ride some epic east coast pow…

Headed down to NY for some New Years fun in the streets. Spent 2 hours getting searched and interrogated at Customs, met some really cool people, and ate way too much food. Here’s a little B footy fix from what went down on our trip.

Sorry about customs boys, we ‘Murricans ain’t too sure about you socialists with your free healthcare.

Filmed & Edited by Alex Bielawski

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  1. upstatemike.
    upstatemike. says:

    @315 – Yeah what do i know, i’ve only been riding shit in syracuse, ithaca, binghamton, cortland, etc for over 12 years. Since before love/hate exposed the gems of upstate, and probably since you were in diapers. If you hit the playground spot and not henninger, which is 1/4 mile away from there, then you’re blowing it.

  2. @upstatemike.
    @upstatemike. says:

    Glad to hear you have been riding spots around Syracuse for 12 years. good for you!! First of all, I’d say you’re the one thats blowing it if you’ve been shredding there for 12 years and feel its necessary for people to go to one of the most ABD spots. Secondly, how do you know these dudes didn’t go there? This is just a B-footy fix. maybe you shouldn’t assume what spots crews did and did not hit.

  3. 315
    315 says:

    im from cuse and you dont ride cuse at all hahaha and dont act like you do. this is great b footy. enjoyable to watch. they were hittin shit i havent seen alot of locals do. there is way more then just henniger rails in cuse wayyy more. besides with bfooty whose to say they didnt hit it. but ya hahaha even if you have been livin in ‘upstate’ for 12 yrs feel bad for you bro. you prolly should get on with your life…

  4. upstatemike.
    upstatemike. says:

    hahaha…i havent lived in upstate in 7 years. idiots think they know. i grew up riding that shit 15 years ago. sorry you’re still stuck in syracuse, have fun at labrador!!

  5. @UpstateDyke
    @UpstateDyke says:

    If you were from Syracuse you wouldnt be calling it upstate.. Were central ny you upstate inbred go back to your nuclear power plants and your sister

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