Travis Rice Rider Spotlight


OMG Travis Rice drinks PBR too!

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  1. a
    a says:

    LOL that Absinthe dude is salty! Turn off the Nickelback* and chill out: there’s room for both T.Rice and T.O.M.A.T.O. on the planet.

    *or whatever goat rock they’re putting in their vids these days…

  2. hubbs
    hubbs says:

    t rice couldnt even make it into the featured section. Somebodys gotta step their game up……… (yobeat)

    the man is a legend, give him the respect he has earned

  3. Cracraftc
    Cracraftc says:

    Sick recap. I rode with Travis a few times in Jackson last year and he is such a rad dude. How he sees the mountain and rides it is crazy.

  4. lovinit
    lovinit says:

    “im real glad that travis has taken the face of snowboarding in the public eye over shaun white, because travis is a real snowboarder”

    Couldn’t agree more.

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