Flippin Weekend #5

Episode 5 from Flippin Bird Productions. Winter Park, CO.



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  1. basshole
    basshole says:

    this was gonna be on the rejected edits, but it has a black dude wearing a saga jacket so jerm approved it

  2. roobs
    roobs says:

    if yall wanna hate something scroll down and look to the right, bro bomb!? what the fuck is that, at least this saga has brandon reis in it

  3. airplane mode
    airplane mode says:

    apple is the only funny one and suprisingly the least painfull to watch snowboard. lamar j you tryna wave in a plane god damn

  4. what was
    what was says:

    when he was talking about shit dslr edits clogging the net? and what the fuck is a black kid wearing a helmet and wearing saga. life as a shorty shuoldn’t be so rough.

  5. loonatic
    loonatic says:

    Apple, you will always hold a special place in my heart. Keep flippin’ you guys are getting a lot better!

  6. samericanshredsis
    samericanshredsis says:

    They’re damn funny to watch. Basshole, may want to check your facts. Rumor is that Jerm gave them saga gear after seeing their edits. May want to reel in your black comments. If you hadn’t noticed, it’s 2013….not 1913.

  7. flippinbirdisawesome
    flippinbirdisawesome says:

    This is a lot better than the first videos that they published. Keep it up guys! Can’t wait to see some more of your stuff.

  8. rock solid stiffy
    rock solid stiffy says:

    This was good, the funny shit definitely compliments the shitty snowboarding, unlike the other videos on yobeat with just shitty snowboarding.

  9. Havefunwithit
    Havefunwithit says:

    Love watching these edits. These kids always seem like they are having fun. These haters should probably get off their computer and put the rollerblades on. Leave snowboarding to people who love it

  10. LIPTONwent-toLakeridge
    LIPTONwent-toLakeridge says:

    okay before i start hating i gotta admit, i have 3 black adopted cousins that live in the castro disrtict of SF (gay part of town), I have single handendly taught them how to skate better than this smelly Nigger, BTW I go to college in montana and have only killed 9 black men.

  11. Chris
    Chris says:

    As a former mountain town resident….this shit makes me wish I had never moved…..awesomely satirical

  12. da real shawntay
    da real shawntay says:

    may i suggest lamar to go live a life of gangbanging and slanging.. way cooler than snowboarding

  13. Roundhouse
    Roundhouse says:

    In memory of Drake Edwards… Seriously?
    He probably was so ashamed of this edit and the lame ass style, that he killed himself.
    Try again…

  14. T-Diggy
    T-Diggy says:

    @roundhouse We hung out with drake at high cascade and he was really down with flippin bird, and he was In our summer edit. I hope there’s a hell because you should burn in it for commenting shit like that. Go fuck yourself

  15. APPLE
    APPLE says:

    @roundhouse. I hope one of these days when your working your local glory hole you choke to death on a dick.

  16. basshole
    basshole says:

    lol i dont even have a problem with saga, but the double standards on this site for what qualifies as an acceptable edit are hilarious

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