The People’s Court: Greg Obermeissner vs. Joonas Eloranta



COME ON AMERICA! The Europeans are killing you guys lately. That’s right, it’s another battle of the Euros, so which boarder from across the pond takes it?

Greg Obermeissner


Joonas Eloranta

The People’s Court is a weekly competition and is open to any amateur snowboarder. You may be sponsored to play, just not paid, son. The winner of each weekly battle will receive a pair of goggles from Arnette Eyewear and be in contention for the year-end battle with a grand prize of a one-year Arnette sponsorship. To submit your edit, email the link to [email protected]

  • jeenyus

    videos would be nice…

  • JP Walker

    This is the best one yet. Completely based on names. Chodebeat is breaking down barriers and changing the game once again!

  • Shibby Shib

    joonas’ vid was a hammer fest, possibly the best. I think he passed the test. shiiiiii

  • damn robots.

  • rob

    god fucking damn it that was lethal nosepress from jooooooonas

  • airplane mode

    europe has way cooler spots than america. or maybe it just seems that way because every spot has been in every video the past couple years.

  • vid

    yeah churchiboi

  • Dopeninja

    what are these dudes doing in a peoples court. looks like they are pretty well of without a pair of arnett sunglasses

  • WUT

    The 1st edit is a repeat???

  • weinerhouse

    wasn’t that first dude just in this..? either way that jonas kid wrecked

  • Quinnladen

    Joonas stole the votes like they were nickels and dimes , know wonder his parents named him that

  • huh

    Jonas killed it but he can definitely do more presses without tapping them…

  • Jeremy Jones

    JP Walker needs to shut the fuck up

  • LightMenoras

    both good. second better? ya probly

  • Brendan

    both were pretty good, but second guy was definitely better.

  • dang

    sekond homie kills it

  • paco

    both names are raw as fuck

  • Trap Star

    Fuck this tight pant indie/euro pussy shit