Strange Brew East to West: Sugarloaf


Road trips are SO IN this season and stop one of Strange Brew’s East to West Trip was at Ian J. Daly and Jasper Tripp’s home mountain, Sugarloaf.

  • I like these strange brew cats, real talk.

  • Simon the swede

    Some solid riding.

  • really makes me want to buy a rome board that probably wont even make it down a green run in ontario


  • yoyougotfruit

    fan of the brew crew duh

  • JP Walker

    Whats a sugarloaf?

  • goosejuice

    wherez ricky?

  • shredi

    Hammers kids, stoked to see the rest of the trip!

  • Miggs’ Bong

    Maine stand up! Gremlinz fuck wid it.

  • forealdo

    hometown heroes

  • puppykicker

    strange brew is dope, but not gonna lie, the filming is terrible, why?

  • shmemmah

    homemade rig eh? i can dig it

  • burt

    broke your board on a flatground 180

  • jeenyus

    pretty good.

  • MaineSnowboarding

    hey look we have snow in maine

  • Quinnladen

    Brewing what ? Bad filming ?

  • tampongirlfromtoohard

    holy shit first kid was a derrek lever lookalike

  • karnkarn

    Yay Maine Rep! Kids shredding well.

  • Scoli bones

    Puppykicker and Quinnladen are the president and vice president of the Dingus Clan