Only in Canada…



For years, we made jokes at the expense of our neighbors to the North. Their accents, their pink money, and their affinity for maple syrup. But now that we’re older, wiser and the Internet exists, we’ve realized a few things. ALL Canadians grow up in the cold and snow, which means they’re inherently better at snowboarding. They’re also nicer, they have free healthcare and when you do find a “funny” Canadian, they’re extra hilarious. So it is with this great envy of Canada that we find great joy in two little gems worth making fun of. First up, meet Ford Focus spokesman Mike Nyuis, who gets a free car and gets to No Board in Pow. We’re just not quite sure how that Ford Focus gets his sled up to the mountain…

Meanwhile, in Quebec, meet 18-month-old Nevek, whose boarding prowess is such big news he made CBC and CNN. Nevek’s dad assures us that even though he can’t talk, he loves to board. His three year-old-sister boards too, though dad says she’s not going to teach her little bro any tricks… because she’s not very good, YET. Not because she’s a girl, you sexist assholes.

  • C Eh N Eh D Eh!

  • Red Gerard

    I’ll knock that fucker out!

  • Yamos

    hahahaha, look at that scorpion

  • A


  • mulch

    It’s a human Chuck doll (or whatever those things are called).

  • that doesnt look safe

  • boneyballsack

    wow that kid cant even hit rails he sucks

  • R.

    We took my younger sister out at around that age. We were told by doctors that she would never walk as an infant, now she loves to shred!

  • canada sucks

    Are you kidding me? Nevek Rancourt is such an unmarketable name. We all the know the only way Quebexicans can make it is if they have solid initials. Kid better hope is middle name starts with a “A”

  • yeah

    he can’t talk but he can snowboard…sweet, canada

  • #1 skier dad

    fuck nevek. im forcing my kids to snowboard at 17 months old.

  • upstatemike.

    i cant wait to have kids and force them to be pro snowboarders so i can embezzle all of their money and not do shit but get drunk and talk shit about everyone but them on the internet.

  • weird.. I had my kid drinking at 18 months

  • kid is a g now

  • Tim Horton


  • anothercanadian

    I’m from the most southern part of canada. the Worst! part of canada. banff is were its at.

  • Im callin it now: Pacifiers while riding are gonna be huge this season

  • Aziz Ansari

    lol #gaper

  • Obviously

    he doesn’t understand that a snowskate has already been invented..