Zoe Mayers Does Colorado

From Roxy Shooting Star to People’s Court, we’ve seen young Zoe grow up before our very eyes. Tear. But enough about that, she took a trip to Colorado with Windells Academy and logged some hams.

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  1. PWB
    PWB says:

    This girl is only 17, she’s doing pretty solid tricks and she doesn’t have bitch style like most girls out there who are blowing it. She deserves some credit.

  2. doop
    doop says:

    At first I was like “oh look they posted a kid thats about as good as me maybe theres hope”

    Then I realized it was chick

  3. DP
    DP says:

    clearly she’s doing something right if she has all this hype from yobeat and has so many sponsors at 17, you guys need to stop hating and go practice snowboarding so maybe one day you’ll have a video on yobeat like she does.

  4. nignog
    nignog says:

    this girl is fucking sick! all of you hatin can suck a fuck because ive never seen a girl with so much passion for snowboarding and so much style. keep killin it!

  5. john
    john says:

    I personally know Zo, she rips. I guarantee all of you kids hating can’t do half the tricks she has. Go practice instead of hating on yobeat

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