Ride The Warp Wave


Warp Wave is brought to you by the minds of Gray Thompson and Eric Messier. It’s filmed on VHS. It’s not like everything else. It’s ok if you hate it, but it’s also ok to like it. Here’s your first look and you can visit warp-wave.com everyday starting January 1st, 2013 to see more.

This one has boarding in it.

This one is mostly just Eric being weird.

And finally, more boarding.

That web address again is warp-wave.com

  • T raw

    The only thing warped about this was the idea. As in stay of the LSD

  • T raw


  • JP Walker

    Better than any of the Thursdays at the Office.

  • Java

    Looks nice Eric!

  • If you have epilepsy do not watch the first video.

  • so anyways what a shitty time for my landlord to make me pay up. i cant even afford wine tonight

  • mamahades

    YES!!!! LOVE IT!!!

  • Don’t eat the brown acid

    This shit is weird as hell. I don’t think I can watch this one. 1984 COMUNE was sick messy hair. Hope this one is as good.

  • YMR

    i wish i was as hip and cool as these guys

  • Timwindells’ballsack


  • Colin

    This was really boring

  • Tampongirlfromtoohard

    People who don’t have vimeo plus accounts don’t deserve my precious time. Fahhghotts

  • rob

    I thought the second one was quite funny.

  • mr&mrsdouchebag

    Fresh.. about time someone made something new..cant wait for more

  • fired

    meanwhile, in hipster la la land…

  • what

    squaw parking lot? messier never leaves north tahoe. for anything. ever…bubble life