SEGCOS: Trollhaugen


Really not sure how “exclusive” this gentleman’s club is anymore, but whatever.

Featuring: Erik Overson, Alex Colorito, Jon Overson, Ft. Danny Kiolbasa

EDIT: Alex Colorito

  • wumbo

    Stay in the streets

  • Larry Hoover


  • Kack

    I like turtles

  • barack obonga

    nothings ever good for you huh, wumbo?

  • JP Walker

    $5 says I can make a shakier edit at Troll.

  • disaster on the quad kink was ballsy

  • man I thought the oversized mitt game was dead apprently not…good edit nonetheless.

  • YMR

    Trollhaugen makes me want to move to minnesota

  • hot chick from mcd’s commercial eating bigmac

    ymr that’s pretty sad, not gonna lie.

  • @kittenpuncher

    its the only thing that survives the rope tows

  • KimJongIllest

    #worldwide #global #connect #conquest

  • T raw

    Don’t chaa knowwww

  • OversizedMittGame