A Bear Mountain New Years


Is there a better way to ring in 2013 than by boarding? We certainly don’t think so.

Featuring Brett Wilkinson, Johnny Miller, Justin Mulford, and Keoni Kaimuloa.

Shot and edit by Adam “BEEF” Ruzzamenti

  • nathan

    That 450 out at the end looked like it was going to be a 450 to acl explosion.

  • cats

    mulofrd’s the fucking man

  • andreaskarlsen

    yeah this is very gay and song

  • T raw

    A lot of lines that probably didn’t need to be in there.

  • cris cringle

    looks like a cringle to me

  • donald trump

    very original song, you dont hear music like this is snowboard videos that often

  • connor

    johnny miller with the heat! cant remember the last time he looked that cool

  • berry weis

    how does justin mulford wake up everyday and take himself seriously

  • false

    @donaldtrump. wrong.


  • Timwindells’ballsack

    Where’s Bradshaw?

  • That Guy

    DOPE, but what happened to the Sunday in the Park edits?

  • does anyone like watching justin mulford snowboard?

  • Tampongirlfromtoohard

    So fucking wack

  • !

    wow that was whack

  • gucci

    sitting on a chair riding to the top of a mountain… hood

  • SWAGdad Iraq

    WAiT OMG did johnny miller cut his hair??

  • JP Walker

    I wish I could nollie down a 2ft ledge.

  • Bearly Passable Presses

    You should not be allowed to have presses like that in a Bear edit, especially if your being serious about it. Justin Mulford, not good man, not good

  • frankthatank


  • poo dick

    2:00 … Everyone just quit snowboarding, Mulford wins

  • Switch ups wtf Mulford sucks ass

  • Justin Mulford

    @JP Walker switch nollie bro

  • edbassmaster

    absolutely terrible..
    mulford and miller are purely trash riders. they should have quit in their hype 5 years ago.

  • upstatemike.

    i miss the original sunday in the parks.

  • switch nollie haha