Vincent Grandmaison FULL PART


Since who has the attention span for full movies anymore, the Timebomb crew is just dropping the full parts from it’s new flick Hivernation. The opener belongs to Vincent Grandmaison, and you know he’s gonna be good cause his name is French for “big house.”

  • gANGbANG

    Swivel Unit Son!! Dope ender!

  • donald trump

    not enough lipslide 270’s

  • Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad

    orange bindings look cool. I want orange bindings.

  • fired

    well the kid’s as good as half the pro jibbers out there, but so is everyone else.

  • suck

    Im pretty sure he broke the world record for the most 270’s out ever in a video part.

  • germ

    lol his last name means bighouse

  • trillstar

    ender was tightttttttttttt

  • snatch

    Looks like he has way too much fun when snowboarding.

  • barry weiss

    classic terrible quebec style

  • !

    talk about a lot of recycled spots

  • JP Walker

    That ender was pretty dees, but it should have involved a picnic table at some point.

  • Whothekcuf

    maybe if he wore some gloves he wouldn’t cry so much. fuckin canadians