C Sessions 3.5


Rumor has it Vermont is FINALLY getting snow. But the good news is, Carinthia makes it happen with or without that bitch Mother Nature.

Riders: Ian Keay, Henry Padden, Max Lyons, Zack Wilmot, Alex Hereford, Brian Skorupski, Tarik Blowers, Casey Willax, Shaun Murphy

  • randy mathews

    zack wilmont, button your coat your gonna catch a cold

  • Good stuff right there.

  • invasionvt.com

    great edit with a few cameo’s. nice to see max with a few shots

  • germ

    wilmots not even an asian last name

  • plkallday

    Henry padden!

  • karnkarn


  • Damn.

    wilmot is shredding on that 144cm

  • Keith Stone

    wow that brian chick really can shred!

  • tits

    shaun fuckin murph

  • yeah max!

  • Whothekcuf

    vermont sucks

  • 802whatitdo

    if vermont sucks, then you must swallow.