RK1 Goes to Colorado


The Rockies never saw it coming.

Featuring the RK1 crew and Friends – Stale Sandbech, Len Jorgensen, Alek Østreng and Torgeir Bergrem, Torstein Horgmo, Kevin Backstrom, Ulrik Badertscher and Taka.

  • boom

    mad crazy.

  • Lange.

    Highly entertaining.

  • cats

    len is the fucking truth

  • AP583

    Holy shit

  • jerm

    good shit but euros have such bad taste when it comes to making edits.. and please stop sagging your pants and rockin a cholo top to that one dude you look like such a doucher

  • hamboned


  • LA

    just simply delightful

  • hot chick from mcd’s commercial eating bigmac

    goddamn that was intense, nice work. jerm – variety is the spice of life. fuck off.

  • basshole

    sorry theyre not on saga, jerm

  • fondi

    fucking hood

  • Nick

    the euros are taking over!!

  • asphinctersayswhat

    Legit riding thats well shot & edited…

  • mont

    best edit of the season so far. woofta.

  • -bob duato-

    these guys showed up and made everybody at keystone look stupid for the month they were around

  • dlowk

    3:34 you play a dangerous game Len

  • i have no clue


    if you think this is well shot then go to an eye doctor.
    footage is so shakey they had to zoom in 200% and use an image stabilizer.

  • joe

    you’re fucking welcome keystone, for the best advertising you’ve had all season.

  • if you snowboard and you didn’t think the riding in this edit was good, you should quit, and leave this site, forever

  • Dopeninja

    I’ve seen these guys ride, they straight up don’t give a fuck

  • Tampongirlfromtoohard

    Jerm you can gargle with my black chunky pms blood. Faggghoootttt