Heavy Quitters Episode 2: Christmas


The Cats braved the triple J threat and went boarding at Bear on Christmas. If we were some other site we would probably write some cheesy prompt here to ask if you also rode on Christmas, but since we’re Yobeat, we don’t care if you did or not.

Riders:  Ian Dodds, Richie Conklin, Jeremy Estorga, Jordan Small and Jimmy Hay
Filmed by Richie Conklin, Jeremy Estorga, Jordan Small, Ian Dodds and BEEF

  • DickA$$


  • boneyballsack

    “not aloud to touch butts till you graduate from school”

  • Yamos

    krissssssssppppy kreeeme

  • BooYAkAsha

    Yobeat forgot Bret Wilkerson G’in shit up all day

  • Quinnladen

    Tht was cool

  • Jerrod

    Is that first guy riding an old K2 Zeppelin? If so, rad.

  • first drop shoulda been ender

  • uncle joe

    more richie and ian and way less of everyone else especially that smalls kid

  • PussClot

    that would cool, song was better

  • Tony Danza

    Snowboarding wasnt bad, but the song absolutely made this for me. ..and the intro.

  • tits

    watd i just watch