Remembering Drake Edwards

High Cascade counselor, life lover and Mt. Hood fixture Drake Edwards passed away Sunday, December 23th in a car crash.

Anytime someone is taken from us way too soon, words can be hard to come by, but his facebook page is filled with memories and tributes, and it’s clear that Drake’s impact will live on forever. Here are a few words from his friends.

“Drake Edwards, you were the guy that everyone looked up to because of how you lived your life. Your positivity and enthusiasm towards life and everyone that was around was contagious and spread like wild fire. Those traits are rare in this world and it was amazing to watch you live your life to the fullest for the very short time I knew you. I didn’t have to know you long to realize you were the guy that cared about others more than yourself and that you made it a point to live every minute as it was your last. I loved skating the mini with you this summer, you have that good style. Just saying hi in passing or the short talks we had was what I will remember most, genuine whole hearted guy you were. Let your attitude towards life be remembered and put to use for all if us who knew you because life is too short. CHEERS to you and your family brother. My thoughts and prayers are with them.” — Brendan Drury

“Stunned by the loss of Drake Edwards, hands down one of the best people that I’ve ever met. Easily one of the most caring, compassionate and good spirited friends that I was able to have. Knowing you from the beginning of the summer was too short a time but I can safely say it was one of the best additions to my life and I think we all need to take a lesson from you. I’m so happy that the last time I got to spend time with you was ripping through powder at the Derby. Every run this winter is for you! We all miss you buddy, you will never be forgotten.” — Toby Witte

“Just a reminder to be thankful for your family, friends, and ones who you care about in your life. Although I only knew Drake for 12 days of my life, he left an impact. Always smiling and pumped on life, Drake will be missed. Next time you go out and make some turns, think of Drake and how stoked he was on boardin and all his friends. #shredfordrake” – Max Tokunaga

I am still in shock. I will miss Drake Edwards with all of my heart. People like Drake are extremely rare. Anyone who ever met him can agree he was an exceptional human being of all aspects. Extremely friendly and positive at all times and with true love for his family, friends, and snowboarding. Drake was stoked everyday this summer at camp, regardless of the situation. I will never forget your kindness, sense of humor, and amazing times we had off and on hill this summer at Mt. Hood. I love ya dude! I know you will continue to watch over us and keep us inspired.- Andrew Aldridge

Rest In Peace Drake, you will never be forgotten.


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  1. midwesthellyes
    midwesthellyes says:

    seriously the most positive and nice dude I have ever met. Drake took my camp experience and outlook on snowboarding to another level..If it wasn’t the reassuring comments while trying to land a new trick, it was that big ass smile! RIP amigo!

  2. Debaser
    Debaser says:

    Ive never been to hcsc nor did I really know this guy other than the few videos I’ve seen, but it’s always a bummer when someone like this passes on in any industry, whether it be snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, whatever. RIP.

  3. Scotty d
    Scotty d says:

    I will miss your big smile that you would always have on your face when on the snowboard rip buddy I will miss you but you will never be forgotten

  4. stefan f
    stefan f says:

    I cant believe he’s gone. He was the best guy I knew. He was always positive. RIP Drake. Shred in the afterlife

  5. connor c
    connor c says:

    #ShredForDrake this seasons one for Drake I’ll miss that homie when I’m living at hood and while I am riding in the salt lake area this winter he was always a blast to be around, always hyping everyone up the world is a way worse place without him getting everybody stoked

  6. Blatt
    Blatt says:

    I think the one thing I will remember most about Drake is his love for sharing his love of snowboarding with everyone around him. We both grew up in a town about an hour and a half from Hood, and not too many people were into snowsports. He was always more than down to give anyone a ride to Hood, regardless of their who they were or how good they were, just so he could spread his enjoyment for the sport. His attitude towards riding always would set the standard for good vibes on the hill. I will never understand why something so horrible had to happen to the one of the best guys I’ve ever met, but it breaks my heart to know that Drake is gone forever. Shred in peace man, you deserve nothing less than that.

  7. Ben P
    Ben P says:

    I don’t have many words at this time. I am a good friend and former college roommate of Drake Edwards. When he wasn’t on the mountain, he was always trying to keep up on the latest boarding news. YoBeat, specifically. All I can say is that he would have been honored to be featured on one of his favorite websites.

    In addition, I would like to share a link to a t-shirt that is being created in his remembrance.

    Please continue to keep the Edwards family in your prayers and thoughts around the Holidays.


  8. MIKEGrass
    MIKEGrass says:

    we shared a bunk all summer. he always covered for me when i couldn’t check in my campers or put sheets on their beds arrival day. im proud to say i knew him, Drake was a great example of everything that a snowboarder should be. shred in peace

  9. Alpental
    Alpental says:

    Man, what really sucks is that he was leaving the hill from a day shredding, wasnt driving, and died 2 days before Christmas. Sorry for your loss. RIP.

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