Jordan Michilot 2012


You know you’re a big deal when you can call Paul Heran and say, yo, will you make my season edit for me? At least, we assume that’s what happened here.

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  1. GetWyld
    GetWyld says:

    jordan should start riding with bozung, take the place of matty ryan, nate wouldnt even know the difference

  2. jo
    jo says:

    you kids talking shit have no clue about anything. you’ve probably seen tons of shots of him before and thought it was sick but didn’t even know who it was. try doing that shit and making it look close to that good. it’s not fucking happening cause you fools suck.

  3. geebes
    geebes says:

    creativity with style, is better than any controlled huck 270 in 450 out bullshit i see too much of these days. and its not like minnesota had any snow last year either

  4. bs420 to zeach
    bs420 to zeach says:

    his ender is so played to seen that overated trick done by so many people. he should just ask his brother for his bfooty and say its him. itd be better then this trash

  5. minnesotanice
    minnesotanice says:

    haters gonna hate, but I think it was pretty good, he does what he wants and doesn’t care if people are into it. pretty much why we should all snowboard, not to win the x games or be super cool.

  6. Minnesnowta
    Minnesnowta says:

    I actually really liked it just reminds me of why i like snowboarding in MN might not be full of unbelievable bangers but got me stoked to go ride.

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