Ben Poechman 2012


There was something clever written here but we accidentally deleted it. Just watch Benjamang board. You won’t be mad.

  • Yo

    this was actually pretty word

  • Dang

    That was good

  • HungoverHank

    Cam man’s damn post shot movements made me nausious.

  • LA

    work was bummin me out till about now, good edit

  • jlu

    that was dope

  • hes got it

  • dickwad


  • jerm

    is gay

  • tricks were a B / B- but the style buzz your girl wooof like a C-

  • #happymayanday

    that first clip is so tight

  • JP Walker

    Could have been cut down to a solid 2:45 of hammers.

  • Sick!

    it was like watching a girl rip

  • sauceboss

    damn kids steezy

  • FootyFIEND

    I would have edited it to rap…

  • Ben’s one of the boarders I go out of my way to watch in edits. So sick, keep it up man.

  • Brendan

    pretty good

  • bs420 to zeach

    dude way to long. shorting up your shit. alot of shots i see joeys do at my mtn. take out some of the shit like you punchin your board so many times at that wall ride spot that every seems to have done. dont act all mad cuz you cant wallride that spot when everyone else has and peeps 270 into that shit. a 6 minute 45 sec part way to long specially when half the shit is boring and aint worth watching. longest part ever seen. opener of you eating shit was ur best shot

  • duh

    wheres the gucci at



  • Woozy

    Unreal how bad your camera guy is

  • SWAGdad Iraq

    IDK how you guys can hate on this part. This is one of the most unreal come ups in the game. kids got some crazy style, just watch his front 3 outs.

  • the doctor

    ben poechman. is this slow song you trying to make you look “dark and mysterious”? Well that failed. your a rich pretty boy fag. go munch on some dick ya loser.



  • Teddy

    dope style, too long

  • trillstar

    how are kids hating on this? loll all these kids talking trash are prolly 12 year old zeach masters

  • Deez nutz

    dudes getting pitted

  • Cobra_Dawg

    This kid is so good but he needs to pop out more

  • derp

    Should have just left the editing to Jordwan.

  • karnkarn

    So good. One of the best styles emerging. Loved the boardslide nosepress on the rail that was supported with a carjack and was missing it’s dick.