Bone Zone 2012 FULL MOVIE

Good thing the world didn’t end cause we were way to busy living life yesterday (read: riding powder) to post this. But in case you missed it on some other site, enjoy life a little bit more today by watching it.

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  1. kittenpuncher
    kittenpuncher says:

    Grew up riding with Cameron Gorby thought he dropped off the face of the planet hope he isnt as much of a doosh as he once was. Killer film though Borland nailed it.

    PERM AND FERKY says:

    Gorby out the woodworks with that one! I was questioning who was going to dub at the bone zone, and then came Gorby!

  3. brightonfightin
    brightonfightin says:

    @GetWyld there is 5-6 zones similar to this in the area that the bone zone is also by so you are probably right my friend.

  4. karnkarn
    karnkarn says:

    Omg. Those rainbow rail transfers to the orange barrier were great along with Gorby’s ender through those two trees.. phew. Great Bonezone movie. Editing was sick and the model collapse of the zone was hilarious.

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