Red Gerard’s Early Season


Red Gerard will also fight you if you don’t like this song. But he’s 12 and clocks in at about 80lb soaking wet in snowboard gear so….

  • Chris

    Way to not embed the video, what is this the come up?

  • @Chris good internet insult. I back. Video is fixed.

  • Chris

    Little guy red with some man sized 3’s of rails.

  • squares

    the kids are alright

  • Pedo-Dino

    Are you waving down a taxi with those arms?

  • BallsOfTHUNDER

    Is it me or does this kid seem to be huckin himself?

  • SWAGdad Iraq

    you think you did enough front threes out? Godd when are you gonna have a complete attitude reversal and go full he$h like brendan

  • wobble nuts

    you guys are crazy.. He’s fucking 12.

  • better than any of us when were 12 can’t argue that.

  • well

    that was sick, and red is a dope name, but i just hope to hell he doesnt turn into one of those child-star cocky motherfuckers

  • this kid is fucking good. backin it

  • That Guy

    He’s so dirty, I wonder if he will turn out like his brother when he hits puberty tho

  • boneyballsack

    I like the kid and hes really good but everything looks forced

  • BLAX

    Red is the man, everybody else better get on his level!

  • fired

    shaun white won medals when he was still in his dad’s nuts

  • murphdog

    thanks for killing my self esteem yobeat

  • skilmer

    How are you guys honestly hating, this kid is the future!

  • tripppy titty

    fuck yes

  • I wish I was that good when I was pro.

  • basshole

    i can see why the haters are mad, id be embarrassed too if i found out a 12 year old had bigger nuts than me

  • JP Walker

    I want to see a hand rail.