Hump Day Goes to Plymouth with Ian Hart


The opposite of mean-muggin: nice muggin. Phtoo: Brendon Rego

Though quiet, Ian Hart is not to be underestimated as a snowboarder or personality. He may love eating raw pasta and number 22’s from Mandarin more than snowboarding, but he has a style that is uncopyable. And while we’s technically a Meredith, NH resident, for the past three years he’s found solitude in the Plymouth region, sleeping on couches and blowup mattresses alike. We call him a “weekend student” and he’s probably learning more than anyone actually enrolled at Plymouth State.

Cole St. Martin: What was your first memorable experience as a weekend student at Plymouth?

Ian Hart:I don’t remember. Probably after the Kip Sanchez Invitational (a snowboard mini ramp contest) when Amanda “The Hog Rider” front flipped off the stairway banister not once, but twice.

Any other notable events that happened that night?

Yeah, when Mike (Rav) was doing frontflips over the spine (that was on fire) and that kid dumped gas on it so Mike caught on fire, Ha ha.

Black and white Photos? Got to have ’em. p. Furey

Would you say that was more or less dangerous than watching Nick Doucette at a rail jam?
That’s a tough one, depends on what Douce was doing the night before. If you offer him a few micro brews to try some sort of crazy gap to rail, then probably not.

So what’s the reason behind your obsession with the color blue?
Everyone has their favorite color, and personally I just think everything should be blue. It’s a solid, decent color.

Wait, where is he jumping from? p. Greg Furey

Give me a break down on your theory of the triple cork?
It happens to me when I’m just casually drinking through the night, having a good time with the guys and as soon as I know I’ve had a few too many, I start to “cork” out a little bit. It’s like the stage right before blacking out, the place where you wish you were just blacked out.

I’ve heard you acquire a few nicknames such as sledge, Ethan Hearth, and popcorn. Where the hell did they come from?
Sledge fighter came from iconic snowboard coach extraordinaire Bill Enos. Basically, I started playing this online role-playing game called Nexus when I was about seven, and I didn’t stop until I was 20, so you could say I was a bit of a nerd. He started calling me that because he thought it sounded like a video game character. And I think Butthole Tear (Ted Lavoie) just thought my name was Ethan. I also used to raid popcorn bins during the holidays.

Blue sky, bludabadeeblabloodie, or however that song goes. p. Greg Furey

Did you ever get convinced that you burnt down a house?
Well I got a little buzzed the first night back at Plymouth after the summer at camp, and slept in the trunk of my car. The next morning I woke up and people were banging on my car saying I burnt down a house the night before and the fire department was right across the street, so I was pretty convinced for a bit that I fucked up. Turns out the Plymouth Fire Department was just doing a practice, and everyone was fucking with me.

Since the world is going to end on Friday, what was your favorite memory of the Chub Club?
So, one day we were playing horseshoes outside the club with Stu Gingras, Bobby O-Ring and Brian Keith. Stu had welded me a blunted sword because I’m pretty obsessed with medieval warfare, and after Brian had a few too many Twisted Teaz that morning. He decided to play horseshoes with the sword instead. So we were throwing the sword back and forth, and I think he actually said he was trying to aim for the window (jokingly) and ended up actually throwing the sword through our neighbor’s window. It ended up being pretty hilarious, because how the fuck do you tell your neighbor you broke their window throwing a sword through it?

What’s your favorite snowboard video that came out this year?
DOPE III. Rail wizards.

What was your favorite trip last year?
Probably Super Park, because I got to stay with a great group of human beings such as Nick Doucette, Colton Feldman, and Rob Balding. Everyday after we got back from the mountain Colton and Rob would jump on the XBOX and play COD for hours while Douce would prepare dinner in the kitchen. Believe it or not he’s a damn good chef, who believes in working out while cooking. I also had the honor of riding with Douce all week watching him guinea pig jumps, doing 1080’s in a Hawaiian shirt and a backwards cap.

Interesting, well do you have any shout outs?
Yeah, thanks Mom and Charlie, Rome Snowboards, Quiksilver, Dragon, Eastern Boarder, Stance, Keep the Change, everyone in Plymouth, and JBEATS.

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