Yougofirst at Dachstein


All your favorite Eastern Euros with unpronounceable names have teamed up, gotten about 40 sponsors (including us) and are bringing you webisodes! Enjoy Team video #1.

Riding by: Andrej Marinčič, Vid Barić, Georg Obermeissner, Dejan Hodžić, Žiga Erlač, Nejc Pucko, Ana Rumiha, Erik Harc, Matic Zavodnik, Žiga Rakovec

Filmed by: Hambalkó Bálint, Rene Gallo, Lukas Lerperger, Andraž Žan, Mark Pirc, Iztok Šumatić

  • yourfatfather

    In europe its all about Nejc Ferjan, Denis Leontyev, Ludwig Lejkner, Jesse Augustinus, Dominik wagner and Marc Swoboda. not this slovenian gang

  • molespit

    don’t have any negative things to say about this edit, so i’ll just call that dude out on the nose ring at 1:00

  • dlowk

    2:15 solid rollerblade hop

  • blubla

    i am wondering if the authors of these redundant comments can even snowboard

  • Timwindells’ballsack

    Yobeaters are fucking blowing it these days, yeah tight “nosering callout”, sick dawg. This is a tight edit, just throw some David Struber in there and we’ll call it 100.

  • Robbo

    Weiter so!


    David Struber is gonna be in the BLV/NTHNG Edits and Full Movie! Watch out Timwindells’ballsack

  • skilmer

    hating is the new trendy thing to do

  • jlu

    i dig this

  • at first glance, i thought ‘great, here’s more marble-mouthed names I’m gonna have to remember in the next 3 or 4 years’, but they were all pretty legit. the chick had front-nose sameways. damn. Apart from the song sounding like some middle-school make-out party, I was impressed. AND they can jump. that’s usually the big difference between Euro’s and American rail kids comin up, at least in the past 10 years. was that really Eastern Europe though? Place looked a little richer and cleaner than I always pictured it being.

  • dick poncho

    nice song jed bitch

  • goosejuice

    that ana girls got swag.

  • vid

    @StLouisAlaskan thing was filmed on austrian glacier Dachstein. so yes its not eastern europe but most of the riders are coming from countries in that region. considering your picture of eastern europe, don’t be deluded by a picture of it all sorts of media serves you everyday. its pretty damn nice here. I’m sure you would be amazed if you could ever visit Croatia for example.