Shaun White Does Some Good (and cuts his hair)


Maybe this whole snowboard career, Target line, gum brand and tire sponsor was all in his master plan to help sick children. Fuck yeah Shaun, we support this 100% percent.

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  1. Lame
    Lame says:

    He’s a company whore who has more money than he knows what to do with. All from doing what he loves, snowboarding. Wish I could say the same.

  2. jimbo
    jimbo says:

    Too bad he already had the haircut in his mugshot photos – hopefully they washed all the douche particles off it before they donated it. Now he just needs to loose the pirate beard so people stop thinking that his goatee looks anything like mine.

  3. Tyler Jeavaney
    Tyler Jeavaney says:

    If you had cancer and needed hair…….why the fuck would you want to be a ginger??

  4. cheese wiggs
    cheese wiggs says:

    he looks like the bad guy of spiderman. lets hope he countinues his journey and leaves more of his whack style behind. especially the leather jacket and those leggins. #120xgamespoints

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