Getting Off the Chairlift: A Short Movie


Getting off the lift. Everyone does it. Some may say it’s the first test you must pass to become a snowboarder even. Spend 10 minutes at the top of Timberline’s Pucci lift on a holiday weekend, while A-man (of Supernatural Voice-over fame) narrates this epic tale.

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  1. Name (required)
    Name (required) says:

    …and that is what makes me self conscious when getting off the chairlift sometimes–people watching. Haha

  2. what
    what says:

    “im older than your parents and im making fun of you for some reason.” classic… I wish every video on yobeat was in this format

  3. ShredZgnar
    ShredZgnar says:

    I like how they put the steeper ramps on the easiest chairs. This needs to be done at the top of blue chair at meadows. I wanna see someone try to get off that chair on the bouncy board.

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