Anecdote: Mount St. Louis Moonstone


Winter in Ontario hasn’t quite happened yet. The Anecdote crew is determined to make the best of it, and Mount St. Louis Moonstone managed to put together a nice little park anyway. Shred on, dudes.

Featuring: Gordon Birnie, Mark Goodall, Chris Fellner, and Mike Chmil.

  • wumbo

    I’m all good with Goodall…

  • midwest murder

    puff puff pass

  • scottyTEA

    Seriously down with all of these guys

  • hater

    sorry but this one was even worse than the last one

  • Biitjo

    Those rails have some proper skier jumps or why on earth are they so easy? Goodall was chill

  • whister hottie

    i fucked chmil in whister!

  • it was mellow and enjoyable not every edit has to be hammers.

  • quinnladen

    those boxes are too gnarly!

  • swedishphish

    epic tranny finder ender

  • mike jones

    mark goodall is the most awkward kid alive (srs)

  • mittinfister69

    don’t make it rain lower michigan needs snow…

  • Jabron Lames

    amateur hour

  • Mitt Romney

    i usually make it rain

  • Mike Chmil

    Lol why do I have ender? I suck, can someone tell me how I got sponsored?

  • Mike Jone’s Mom

    Michael Jones it is way past your bed time!

  • K2 Snowboards Ontario

    kk you’re cut. send us all our product back before we repossess your house.

  • mike jones

    Sorry mom, just sniffing your panties. Going to bed now. Good night.

  • boobeyes

    deez bitches rollin…

  • liam robinson

    I broke my leg in preseason……