Steez for the Cheez Rail Jam

Rail Jam setup at Marquette Mountain. $500 cash prize for male and female

Filmed//Edited by Mike Kvackay |

1st Place Male – Jake Moore

1st Place Female – Jessi Heuge

Thanks to Casualties Skate and Snow for putting on the Event.

  • Cobra_Dawg

    any video?

  • .

    worst name ever, or best name ever? cute that jake and jessi won, seeing as they’re a couple.


    this kid films skiing

  • Curtin

    Fuck mike kvacky . Go home gaper

  • mike

    suck my dick curtin

  • upstatemike.

    first trick was fiiiiiirrrrrrre.

  • midwest murder

    Id take those singles to a strip club, no fuckkkkin doubt!

  • Gohome

    Whoever edited this missed the majority of edit worthy tricks. Stick with skier edits, or all womens snowboard edits….same thing. Jessi killed it

  • upstatemike.

    how to lose people’s interest in an edit instantly…start with girls.

  • hahalol

    this edit sucks, whoever made it needs to learn how to film

  • Yawn

    did not show one trick from first or second place, go home gaper