2012 Dirksen Derby: Qualifiers


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With well over 300 people in the mix at this year’s Dirksen Derby, qualifications took on a whole new meaning. With the depth of the heats, something had to be done to make things move in a timely fashion, which meant there was only time for one run per person. And since they only took the 25% from each course, that meant everyone had a 75% chance of not qualifying.

Now, I’m not a gambling person, so to me that means I, along with the rest of the media desk jockeys had NO CHANCE of making it to Sunday’s finals. The solution was simple: organize our own media race and while we’re at it, make it interesting. For a $5 buy in, here were the contenders for the winner take all contest.

Tanner Pendleton. Filmer, Salomon/Bonfire.

I accosted Tanner in the sign up line, and essentially forced him to do this. Not so sure his heart was in it.

Odds: 75:1


Brooke Geery. Publisher, Yobeat.com

That’s me, so I can’t be objective, however, I am 31, work 70 hours a week and yet it was still day 14 of the season for me. And I ride with 23 year olds.

Odds: 25:1

John Poulin. Associate editor, TransWORLD Snowboarding

Things look good for the young Mainerd with his 23-year-old knees and fighting spirit. However, he’s also a victim of contest anxiety.

Odds: 25:1

Justin Leveille. Managing Editor. Yobeat.com

Young Stanley was feeling confident, but also torn between his desire to win the media race or just get through qualifiers because he gets my office if he wins the WHOLE derby.

Odds: 25:1

Annie Fast. Editorial Director. Network A.

Already a speed demon with a new-new media job that enables her to actually snowboard, Annie looks strong. When asked if she thought the girls should get a 1 second handicap she simply replied, “no, I can beat Gerhardt.”

Odds: 25:1

Gerhard Gross. Managing Editor. Transworld Snowboarding.

You can’t count out this Canadian, after all, he has been on the cover of a magazine. Then again, it was just Snowboard Canada.

odds: 10:1


John Antoski. Associate Art Director. Transworld Snowboarding

Dunno anything about him, but pretty sure this dude lost before he got up this morning. Canadians.

Odds: 100: 1

Tom “T-Bird” Monterosso. Senior Editor. Snowboarder Magazine.

T-Bird spent a while telling me he was not a photographer while shooting photos, and then said he was just hoping to make it down the course without falling.

odds: 100:1

Abe Blair. Photographer. Freelance.

Between shooting photos of turn 3, Abe has been helping to build the course had got like 30 runs already.

odds: 10:1

Chris Owen. Publisher. Snowboard Mag.

Chris wasn’t even thinking of riding until he heard about the media pool. He was in, and paid for his entry fee with a credit card and an iPhone in the woods.

Odds: 75:1


Russell Winfield. Sole Proprietor, Byrdseye Productions.

Odds: 50:1

Russell was a pro, but he’s also a loose cannon. Then again, he did tune his board with Terje Haakonsen.

Colleen Quigley. Former Yobeat Contrib, current Salomon/Bonfire PR Professional.

Odds: 10:1

The freshest off the pro snowboard bandwagon and with an invite to the LBS in her pocket, really not sure why we let Colleen be part of this.

So place your bets… or just keep reading after the video and we’ll tell you who won.

Bet you had your money on Colleen, Abe or Gerhard. Well, you were all wrong. T-bird dropped a 32 his first run ever down the course and collected a cool $55. What’s up now?


Official rankings

1. T-bird: 00:32.70
2. Colleen Quigley: 00:32.98
3. Russell Winfield 00:33.27
4. Gerhard Gross 00:33.96
5. John Antoski 00:34.11
6. Brooke Geery: 00:34.73
7. Chris Owen 00:34.83
8. Annie Fast: 00:35.61
9. Justin Leveille: 00:35.41
10. Tanner Pendelton: 00:37.26
11. John Poulin: 00:37.39
DSQ: Abe Blair (but we heard he got a 33)

Full results: http://www.mtbachelor.com/winter/services_activities/activities/events/dirksen_derby

DAY 1 | DAY 2 | DAY 3

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