ThirtyTwo Spot Check- Mt. Seymour


The latest from The Spot Check Tour.


  • snatch

    hobush riding with all the stepchildren….awwwwkkwarrrrddd

  • itsabummer

    Nitro snowboards is going to get played out, by their own team. what a shame

  • bryyantt

    nitro snowboards was played out when they moved production to singapore,

  • seamus

    i’m trying to figure out how hobush got his stance that narrow on a nitro board. they make there inserts way too goddamn wide.

  • Seymour Kid

    Layne is sooooo sick!! Kinda getting tired of seeing Hobush ride these tiny park rails edit after edit after edit after edit. Regardless of what board sponsor he’s got the kid needs to get to the streets and hit some legit shit! Isn’t he 24?

  • That crab grab x 32 sweatshirt lookin so spiccyyy, Stathis with the hawt moves.

  • Also @seamus shut your dick smokin hole you ever seen hobush’s part in AMMO you goddamn nerd.

  • scuse me sorry @seamus you are a gentleman and a scholar, that was for @Seymour Kid you nerd.

  • seamus

    ^ did i say he didnt kill it? he’s got one of the best syles in the game, i’m just annoyed because my stance on my nitro is too fuckin wide. so you shut up you dickshitter

  • seamus

    oh, well you still shit dicks faggot

  • seamus




  • Everyone is Dumb

    switch back lip. i shit my pants

  • really loving the audio in these videos

  • Larry Hoover

    Stathis and Layne are the bowssiest

  • V

    Its weird seeing stathis in clean pants

  • i love camber

    how do they press those stiff boards out so much????????

  • @ Seymore Kid

    so is hobush supposed to go to mt seymore and just not hit any rails beacause, “they’re too small”? fucking dumbass.

  • killkittenpuncher

    Hey Kitten Puncher- did you not get enough hugs growing up? I love watching hobush ride but kinda agree with the seymore kid. His part in Ammo was good it would just suck if he only did spot checks on tiny park rails all year. Is he really 24? I thought he was like 16.

  • human dumplings

    finally i’ll be able to tell apart hobush from jordan small.

  • turdinghard

    @killkittenpuncher – yeh he is 24, hes also been AM on 32 for like 4 years now, no one is going to turn pro if all they do is spot check’s. yes i saw holy smokes, no i was not blown away but hobush’ half part.

  • fritz

    this band played in my dorm
    i was one of ten people there, it was sad

  • @killkittenpuncher Yes I got plenty of hugs growing up, mouth hugs that is from your mother yahknawwhattimean, Style goes a long way these days children and Hobush has it style and a very large back of tricks to back it up, and he is marketable he will go pro before you and win a contest or two this year and you will still be doing S turns on your 162 in Tennessee you little faggot.

  • someone dared to speak out about one of yobeats favorites, bold. im into it.

  • killkittenpuncher

    @kittenpuncher I think you are totally missing the point but I wouldn’t expect anything less from a bitter 12 year old. I don’t think I just speak for myself when I say that I’d like to see how large his bag of tricks are on bigger street rails. His half part in keep the change was not that impressive even if it was an all am movie and the ammo video footage was from 3 seasons ago. Correct me if I’m wrong but last I checked, only filming spot checks has never turned anyone pro especially someone who is 24.

  • wade desarmo


  • @killkittenpuncher

    Bradshaw made a whole pro career of just riding Bear…. Just sayin…

  • Phil Nolson

    yeah yeah hobush is mad dope DOPE DOPE DOPE DOOOOOOPPPPPPE

  • .

    none of you idiots had heard the name scott stevens before he turned 24

  • KimJongIllest

    Dylan Alito is the son of JP and the flying tomato

  • KimJongIllest

    dylan alitos style is the reason for school shootings